Why Join Us

You EARN More With US

What is your brokerage really doing for you to justify their portion on every deal you do?  Are you building your own future or are you building your company’s future?  Doesn’t it make sense to keep that money for yourself and use it to get new clients?
Here are the 3 ways we save you money!

1. 100% Commission – We won’t demand a chunk of your commission cheque, because you keep 100% of it.  No more broker splits!
2. $299 Per Transaction – For every deal you do, we take $299.  No deals, no fees.  Calculating your commissions couldn’t get any easier.
3. $99 Per Month – That’s it!  No desk fees, no broker loading fees, no deal processing fees, no monthly franchise fees, no yearly franchise fees, no fax fees, no coffee/tea fees,  and no training fees!

Your LEARN More With Us

Some brokerages promise training and don’t provide any at all.  Other brokerages pop in a DVD or read from a textbook and put you to sleep.
Our training is so dynamic and engaging, agents from all over are raving about it.  We have training for brand new agents and experienced agents, daytime sessions and evening sessions, multiples times a week. There is no better way to become the best trained agent in your area. We show you how to find clients, how to talk to clients, how to get better referrals, how to deal with commission objections, time management, income goal setting, internet marketing from an in-house web professional, search engine optimization for your website, how to blog and use social networking, how to work commercial deals, how to negotiate multiple offers, home inspection issues, mortgage and financing issues, staging techniques, legal support, and so much more.  Don’t believe us?  Come sit in on one of our training sessions and see for yourself!

You GET More With Us

Full services And Full Hours
We are open every day of the week from 9am-9pm and on the weekends, our answering service books your appointments even on holidays (you’ll never have to book appointments on your own listings again!), 5 front desk staff to serve you, 4 office managers to support you, and an award-winning Broker Of Record with 22 years of experience to guide you.
What Else Do You Get?
10,000+ square feet of brokerage space, 4 closing rooms to accommodate your clients, private offices, 10 workstations, 24/7 access for your busy schedule, fibre wireless internet service, free parking for you and your clients, premium location in Mississauga in the Tim Horton’s building across from Square One Shopping Centre.  No other brokerage can offer you what we have.